Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

General Questions

Your employer is committed to your personal and professional well-being. They want to support you in your effort to lead a happy and healthy life, and provide you with the tools and resources to help make that happen.
Rewards for participating vary by employer.  You should contact your employer representative for a detailed explanation of any available rewards and when they will be distributed.
Your employer determines who is eligible to participate. Some programs may require the employee and spouse/domestic partner to participate in order to achieve the reward. Please check with your employer if you are not certain of the requirements.
All participants must register for this program to get started.
The Health Assessment can be found by accessing Wellness Online located on the left toolbar. 
Paper Health Assessments are available; however, we encourage you to participate in the on-line assessment. By doing the assessment on-line, you will gain access to additional resources and tools including health trackers, on-line programs/courses, a health library and more! You can check your local library to see if they have computers with internet access. Or check with your employer to see if they have computers available. The portal is secure and your specific health information will not be shared with your employer unless otherwise noted.  If you need help taking your HA, you can call (866) 415-7138 for assistance.
Results that are out of date will not be accepted. Please make sure your results are current and meet the required time frames.
We will adhere strongly to all deadlines established for this program. We recommend you keep track of your progress and confirm all relevant information has been received as no grace periods will be allowed.
Click here to send us an online message or call 1-866-415-7138. We will strive to contact you within one business day.

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If you have specific program related questions please refer to your employer's Program Summary